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Wow has it ever been forever since I wrote a post. Or visited fasebook. Or read a friends blog. So much has been happening. Almost ready to get developmental editor for memoir. Been writing in library with friend Jennifer Marsh on that. And some at home. But find myself finding to too many distractions here.

Grandson has started living with us and going to school here. That has been a big deterenent in writing a blog but I know many do it.

Husband had surgery. Another excuse for why I havent written. He is ok now. Sorta.

Big news is that I am detoxing from my pain patches of fentanyl. Yes, Detoxing. Going off a strong narcotic for my back pain. So now? Such a small change but will be big in long scheme of things. Been going forty eight hours with out changing the patch when I used to do it every twenty four hours. Yes, I feel some pain. That is ok. But the great thing? the great thing is that right now I don’t have any withdrawal symptoms. Yet. I know it is easy to say I won’t have so soon. And that is why I know I am not out of the woods.

I remember  when I had tried going off once before that I had withdrawals a lot sooner than now. It takes the body a while to get used to things. Tomorrow might be a whole different story. I’ll be quiet then.

Thanks for reading readers!

Hope to see you back here soon. I Miss ya’ll. Any of you try this?


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I have two picture books out by eTp, Annie's Special Day and Edmund Pickle Chin which I wrote with my friend, Susan April Elwood in Georgia where she has Evermay Rescue Farm, Edmund's home. I live with my brilliant husband in rural Loudoun County, Virginia, an hour away from DC, with too many cats and a wood stove.
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15 Responses to A New Post! by Clara Bowman-Jahn

  1. Nice to see you back. Life does get in the way doesn´t it. I am sure it won´t be long and your life with grandson will become the norm. So nice he can stay with you and continue his schooling. Hope hubby is better soon and you can manage your meds OK. Sending hugs and good luck on the memoir.

  2. granny1947 says:

    Good to see you.
    Sorry you have had so many problems.
    I have been under the radar for six months but it does feel good to be back.

    • Thanks, Granny!

      Hope you feel better soon. Tomorrow is new day with new week and possibly better things in store for you and me. Here’s to tough old birds!! 🙂

  3. Clara, we all do the best we can, and you’ve got a lot to cope with! Wishing you a painfree back, a healed husband, and a happy grandchild. And some writing time.

  4. Sounds like you have a plate full. Glad you’re back on line and pushing back against all the deterrents we all have when it comes to writing. Life is a big obstacle for sure. Bravo for not letting it take over your creative life. Glad to get this email today. Happy Memorial Day and good luck on your developmental editing!

    • Hi Leslie!

      Yes, gotta make more time for writing time even though life is getting in the way. I do let it interfere too much. 🙂

      But tomrrow new day!! Looking forward to it. 🙂

  5. Margot Finke says:

    Take it easy, Clara. Getting off pain meds is the pits! How do you plan to manage your pain in the future? Is there a non-narcotic alternative? I will be thinking of you, mate, and hoping the path OFF is for you. Hugs and a bottle of my special “easy” pills to help you make the break.

    Margot Finke

  6. Widdershins says:

    Bravo for the, relatively, painless detox. 😀

  7. Erik - TKRB says:

    It’s good that you’re back!

  8. I’m at the developmental editing stage with my memoir about attending college with five children in tow. And I’ve been dragging my toenails, too. Tough gig, these memoirs, aren’t they? I’ve had my son and his young family of four with us for a while. I like to hide in the library, too. All the best, my dear!

  9. Tracy says:

    So nice to see you come up for air, Clar. I hope you won’t have withdrawals. Hugs ❤️

  10. Ellen Warach Leventhal says:

    Life does get in the way, but you are so resilient! Good luck with everything! Now, just breathe. 🙂

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