Hi Ya’ll

Welcome, welcome, welcome! So excited to have you here.

For a long time I had the story of my names up on this page so all of you know it by now. And I learned to do better. You want my story.


On a boat in the Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane winds one September long ago my mother took us six kids, all of us under the age of ten and came to America. My father was in another part of the boat suffering from terrible sea sickness by himself. My mother dealt with the dirty diapers from my one year old sister and kept us safe. She felt sea sick like the rest of us but as a mother could not rest. She is my hero.

Ssso I have not given my story but my mothers. Ok. I’ll try again

We arrived in the wee hours of Saturday morning not knowing a word of English and started school on Monday. OF course I cried. After seeing all my three brothers go and stay in class, I knew my mother would leave me as well and it broke my heart. The teacher had to tear me away from my mother so she could leave.

Three days later I was reading Dick and Jane so well the teacher had another child take me to the principal’s office so I could show him how well I read. NO doubt that is where the love of reading came from.

IS that better?

Now I say to you that this blog will be devoted to readers everywhere who love books. I think children learn the love of books on their parents lap so I write picture books and blog about them on Perfect Picture Book Friday or #PPBF on Fridays and link to Susanna Leonard Hill’s page. My own two published picture books so far are; Annie’s Special Day and Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story, which I wrote with my friend, Susan April Elwood.

On Tuesdays I will post something related to picture books, memoir or writing in general and my life related to it.

I Hope you like it and comment and will share what I write.