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Don’t be shocked but I know nothing about football. When the sports announcer makes his little spiel? I don’t know what he’s talking about, till I read this picture book. Now I have an elementary understanding of why there are three teams on each football field and know a little about the specialty teams like kickers. I know what a quarterback does. I know what offensive and defensive means. IN short, I now know a little about American’s favorite sport. And where I pretended before, now I can actually ask intelligent questions.  That is why I picked this book for Perfect Picture Book Friday.

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An Insiders guide to FootballL._SS300_Title: An Insider’s Guide Football

Authors: Don Van Pelt and Brian Wingate

Opening lines: American Football, much like several other great inventions, was the result of a number of fortunate accidents. Legend says that in 1823, a group of English boys were playing English football on their school grounds. The sport was a lot like soccer in that most players were not allowed to use their hands.

Resources: For the publisher’s page click here :

Activities:Also just watch TV with your child, watch the sports segment on the daily news and you will see Football mentioned and you can talk to your child about it. Plus in the fall one can start seeing the games almost every Thursday and Sunday with the tournament of Super bowl Sunday being the big game every one talks about.

Publishing info: 2014, by the Rosen Publishing Group Inc.

Theme: Football, sports, every child’s experience,

Summary: From School Library Journal

Gr 5-8-These readable overviews make good use of photos, graphics, and inserts to introduce the rules and history of each game, along with playing tips. Basketball skills such as pivoting and playing defense are clearly and concisely explained through text and photos. There’s also focus on fitness and inclusiveness. Girls and young women are shown playing and working out; an inset titled “Anyone Can Play Football” (in Football) notes that female teams now play at all levels. Volleyball includes a brief mention of athletes in wheelchairs competing at a sports camp, as well as a photo. Baseball offers a short discussion of steroids usage and its impact on the game, while Soccer notes Pele’s impact on the sport’s popularity. These are well-written, attractively designed books, and it’s especially nice to see coverage of softball and volleyball.α(c) Copyright 2014. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.


Why I love this book: Football, an Insider’s Guide, is in a gray area for picture book genre with its chapters and 44  pages, but I chose this for PPBF because of the pictures on every page and the appeal it would have for ages between four and eight or even eleven. However after I did a little research it was clearly for grades five through eight.  It tells the reader about the history of foot ball and an elementary (which I needed) understanding of the game. My late husband loved it and often tried to explain his love of football for me. But I never got it!! Now I think if I Follow up with a game or two I may be able to follow along. And with Super Bowl 50 coming up I have at least this rudimentary understanding of what foot ball is all about and all American’s love.

When I worked in a hospital and the game was on TV no one needed pain shots and no family members bothered me with questions I could not answer. IF I asked who was winning, I had instant rapport with everyone in the room including the patient.

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Have fun at the Super Bowl!!

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6 Responses to An Insider’s Guide to Football- #PPBF

  1. I don’t watch football much any more, but we always watch the Super Bowl and it’s a party at our house with my family. Thanks for telling me about this book. It’s good to know about it.

    • My late husband watched all the games but still I know nothing about it till this picture book. I may end up watching a little of the superbowl just to see what all the excitement is about.

      I know where it is now, so that is a start. All the security. wow!

  2. Erik - TKRB says:

    I personally don’t really like football, but I know a basic (less than an elementary) knowledge of football, as well. 🙂

  3. judith says:

    Like you I don’t really get football… will look this one up…thanks for the review.

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