My stories appear in three anthologies.

One is out of print now but it was my first and  had three of my flash fiction stories in it and is called Campaigner Challenges 2011. You can read my third story for free here.

My second anthology is on Kindle and is called The “I’ Word. My  short 100 word essay about how I started writing is called “You Reap What You  Sow.

 In the third anthology,  Charms Vol 1 – 2 and 3, I have two true children’s stories for ages 7 to 11. My stories are fictionalized versions using my son Eric as the main character about the charms butterfly and hummingbird. Those stories are in Vol II. You can only get the book from me or Lula Publishing. But it will be autographed just for you! *Yay!*  If you are interested don’t hesitate contacting me.