Annie's Special Day book cover with Clara as author


Book Blurb

In “Annie’s Special Day,” a little girl celebrates her birthday with an adventure every hour. It is a basic concept book about time and clocks.

You may now purchase a copy in print as well as digital form at, as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Book Blurb

Edmund an abused donkey learns how to trust his caregiver and help out on the farm while earning his names finally arriving at Edmund Big Head Ed Pickle Chin Elwood.

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My first book trailer:

Charms Vol ll. Book Blurb

Charms Volume One, Two and Three were a set of books by Prints Charming in Australia and edited by Sally Solgers. My two stories are in Volume Two,  the book being aimed at children ages seven to eleven. My stories are fictionalized versions using my son Eric as the main character about the charms butterfly and hummingbird. Please  contact me at cbowmanjahn at yahoo dot com if you would like an autographed copy of any of these books, and I will send them to you at cost plus shipping. They are not available on Amazon or Kindle, but only through the authors. Here is a blog post I wrote on these books.

Another anthology I have been published in is called “The ‘I’ Word” and it is available on Kindle. My submission is called “You Reap What You Sow.” and is about how I became a published author from writing in my journal. See home page on reading it for free. 🙂