What people are saying about ‘Annie’:

“Kids will love watching the clock with Annie as her special day unfolds and her friends join her for a slumber party that is so much fun she doesn’t want to miss a minute of it. Parent’s be prepared to read this book over and over as your child delights in the idea of staying up all night while effortlessly learning the basics of how to tell time.”  ***

–Barbara Simpson Carducci, Author of Storee Wryter Gets A Dog

“There is a pretty set rhythm throughout the book that will be pleasing to little kids’ ears. It will also help direct them to pay special attention to the words when the pattern is not used. This is good as it differentiates around the most exciting part of the book: the sleepover!

I enjoyed the descriptions that were usually in the third sentence on every page as well as the creatively different ways the author found for Annie to know the time. Annie’s day seemed pretty normal, something any child could relate to. The ending made me smile and it will make you too as you read it to your young one.”

–Brooke R. Busse, Paper Mountain blog

“Take a delightful romp, hour by hour, through a very special day in Annie’s life. It’s her birthday, and every hour brings a new adventure.

Join Annie through a day of celebration into the dark of night and finally sunrise in the morning. What great fun!”

–Suzanne L. Walls, Author of “Backyard Birds of the Piedmont”

“Annie’s Special Day, is a story filled with aspects of writing that children love to listen to.

The Storyline has Annie anticipating having her friends over for a sleepover, gentle repetition  of certain phrases, and illustrations that match the text.  Annie is a preschooler who is just learning to tell time. The different clocks throughout the day, and the different activities Annie goes through builds a tension that will have children eager to turn the page.

Vocabulary is simple enough where an early reader will be able to read the book. The time is told to the hour, so basic math skills wll be reinforced. You and your child will be pleasantly surprised with Annie.”

–Johanna Ash, kindergarten teacher

“The main character is an enthusiastic little girl with a positive attitude towards life.   The wonderful illustrations help bring her character to life.  Young children are fascinated with clocks…and learning about time (and time-management) is a skill kids need to master.”

–Vivian, Positive Parental Participation 

“The illustrations by Claudia Wolf show a fun and enthusiastic Annie. She’s a very cute character. Plus, I like all the different types of clocks throughout the story, especially the watches. I rarely see children wear those, because they have cellphones! Ah, technology.” 

–Stacy, memoir writer

What people are saying about Edmund Pickle Chin:

Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story 

Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story
Posted by Johanna Ash on 26th Apr 2014
As a retired kindergarten teacher, I found this to be a delightful book. I can’t wait to purchase it for my grandchildren! Clara Bowman Jahn and Susan April Elwood, along with illustrator Lynne Bendoly have come up with a fine true story for young children. Rescue stories are difficult to find for young children because they involve a connection that can easily become maudlin.

Edmund Pickle Chin is full of love and gentle humor and is a great example of the rewards of trusting in relationships. The setting is a present-day rescue farm in Georgia. The story is colorfully illustrated in a loving humorous fashion while photos are in the back of the book. Clara Bowman Jahn, who wrote Annie’s Special Day, also presented by etreasures, continues her time concepts theme by having Susan give the donkey an additional name each day of the week.

The story is more than a description of life on the farm for Edmund, however. An incident occurs where we aren’t sure that Edmund has left the farm and we are eager to finish reading the story for that resolution. This surprise development had me turning the pages back to see if I could predict the ending. This is a fun read, and the facts about donkeys and rescue farms in the back of the book was an additional asset.

By  Linda on October 17, 2014
This is truly a heart warming story of a donkey rescued and how he learns to love and trust again. The story is based on the real life rescue of Edmund, a donkey that lived an unhappy life until he came to Evermay farm. His caregiver, Susan showed him compassion, patience and that he was now a part of the family at the farm. Edmund now shares the love and acceptance he received with the growing family at the rescue farm.

By   Carrie on October 7, 2014
Great story that teaches the meaning of caring, compassion and love of animals. This book is based on a real life rescue donkey who comes to live at Evermay Farm- a private non profit animal rescue. Evermay Farm has a Facebook page full of wonderful stories and pictures.

By  Adirolf on October 5, 2014
A delightful read that teaches children of all ages an important lesson–kindness and compassion for all living creatures.

By  This Kid Reviews Books on November 30, 2014
Edmund Pickle Chin is a wonderful story about an abused donkey who found a safe and forever home. I love the idea of this book. A lot of kids think about rescue animals being dogs or cats. But this book shows that rescues deal with all types of animals and it is not just dogs and cats who need to be rescued. The story is told in a very kid-friendly way even though it deal with a scary topic – animal abuse. The story is extra special because it is based on a true story and it has a happy ending.  I especially like how the story shows that Susan, the girl on the farm that rescues Edmund, has to work at getting him to trust her and that she is gentle and patient with him. There is a great section in the back of the book that shows the real Edmund and tells about Evermay Farm, where he lives.
*NOTE* I won a copy of this book

Thanks so much for your reviews..

Thanks so much for your reviews..