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I have not read any Babar books so think myself pretty ignorant in the Picture book department since he was so popular at one time. This book really makes me want to visit an art museum and my anniversary is coming up. Once upon a time we were going to spend some nights away in Washington DC and do museums but a recent out of town visit put a damper on it for the door must be left open for the kitty kats and winter is not a time one wants to leave the door open. (all our trials with kitty doors were for naught)

Babar's Museum of Art _book cover_dTitle: Babar’s Museum of Art 

Author/ Illustrator:  Laurent De Brunhoff  

Publishing info: Published in 2003 by Abrams Books for Young Readers (Ages 4 to 7)

Summary :  “Amazon.com Review

On one of their weekly balloon flights over Celesteville, Babar and Celeste notice that the railroad station is standing empty. Elephants, it seems, now prefer cars over trains. Interestingly, although Babar comments on the roads “jammed with traffic,” he and his queen decide to focus on the other issue–the abandoned station. Celeste comes up with an idea to turn it into a museum to house their art collection, and soon an architect is drawing up plans and workers are renovating the building. When the great day of the opening arrives, what a show! The royal couple had acquired some pretty impressive and well known works of art–all featuring elephants, of course. Laurent de Brunhoff outdoes himself with the real-life art-inspired paintings and sculptures, from Mary Cassatt’s “Mother and Child” to Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” Young art buffs will enjoy the very age-appropriate art appreciation lessons, as the children are encouraged! to say whatever they want about the art: “I like this picture because it’s red,” says Arthur about Van Gogh’s “Self-Portrait.” When pedantic Cornelius tries to pontificate, Celeste gently hushes him. Includes a free pull-out poster. –Emilie Coulter “

Illustration from Babar's Museum of Art

Illustration from Babar’s Museum of Art


Themes: art museums, elephants, animals in art, fiction.

Resources: Go to the art museum with your child and try and find the art depicted in this book. Or get an art book and look for the pieces of art together. Or get a book on museums. See the movies “ Night at the Museum” and /or “The Monument Men” together.

Here are places to go in the Los Angeles area. Do a google search for your area to take your child to go see art. http://www.giftedchildrenla.org/uploads/2/2/8/4/22845926/ideas_to_go.pdf


What I Love about Babar’s Museum of Art: I have not read any other Babar books but I think I should start. This one is a parody of famous art by famous artists. Babar, the young elephant boy’s elephant family is all involved in making an art museum, admiring the paintings and then coming home to make their own art and explore all the new possibilities. IF you look closely at the art of this elephant’s museum you will recognize some you’ve seen. I recognized da Vinci’s’ “Mona Lisa” and Raffaello Sanzio’s “Saint Michael and the Dragon”, and many others although they are all of elephants in an elephant world.

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16 Responses to #PPBF/ Babar’s Museum of Art

  1. Pamela says:

    I have six grandkids from the ages of 3-7, so I’m always looking for the ‘next’ book to buy and read to them. Looks like I should get this one! I love your suggestions.

  2. Babar is a great promoter of the arts!

  3. I loved reading the Babar books to my children. Glad they are still popular.

    • HI Darlene!

      I saw these before but never ventured reading them. I Love the elephant world and wish I knew more about these remarkable Picture books. 🙂 I will be remedying this soon. 🙂

  4. I’ve never read Babar books. But, I love any story that introduces kids to famous artwork! What a great choice today!

  5. Oh dear… I’ve never read any Babar books… This could be a good day to check some of them out at my library.

    • Hi Leslie,

      You are like me, never before having read a Babar book. And like you, I aim to get some out of our library the next time there. In fact I will put some on hold. 🙂

  6. Haven’t seen a Babar book in years. I will have to check this one out. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Rosi!

      I know they were popular a long time ago and I am so glad I have not missed my chance to get familiar with them now. I am going to put some on hold at the library and read them. I Love this elephant world. 🙂

  7. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    I am not familiar with Babar, either. There’s a hole (one of many) in my education. Must take a look. Thanks!

    • Hi Jilanne!

      Your hole is mine as well. But I am putting some Babar books on hold at the library and it will fill soon. Glad you are doing the same. This elephant world seems important for kids to get to know. 🙂

  8. Erik - TKRB says:

    This sounds really fun! 😀

    • Hi Erik!!

      Are you familiar with Babar books? I know they were popular a while ago but I missed it. As I stated above I am putting some Babar books on hold at the library and fill out my education.

      Thanks so much for visiting!! 🙂 )

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