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Veteran’s day was Wednesday and I chose a book celebrating it. But what really happened was make me so proud of being an American!! I read the book and thought about it and in the process of PPBF it happened.  Those of you who know I came to America when I was a child of seven know I love being here. America welcomed me with a warm sponsor family who gave me a big coloring book. I became a naturalized citizen when I was thirteen and now I teach ESOL to a student on the list of  trying to become naturalized.  I have a deep appreciation of all things America and so thank those Veterans who keep us safe and defend those things America.

This is America_Picture Book_Title: This is America, The American Spirit in Places and People

Author/Illustrator: Don Rob/ Christine Joy Pratt

Publishing info: Charlesbridge Publishing Inc. / 2005

Appropriate for grades 3-5.

Summary: America, the country is explained in easy themes which are then explained and easy to understand. The Themes of Liberty, Equality, Legal Rights, Rule of Law, Courage, Honor , etc are described by people,   places, issues and laws made. This picture book is great for those older students interested in history , who would have the attention span and ability to understand the principles outlined here.

Summary from inside jacket: This is America: the American Spirit in places and people.

Summary from back blurb: What is America? A land of great beauty… People who make us proud…The beliefs we hold dear… In this book, you’ll find people, places, and ideas that express the spirit of America. Celebrate the American Spirit!

Themes: Liberty, Civil Rights, History, United States

Resources: Start discussion on what each theme means to the students.  Make an American Flag out of construction paper with a theme and the people and places represented written in colored pencils on the white stripes alternating the red stripes of the flag.

The best online resource I found was an eight episode PBS documentary on The West.

I’d like to see that myself one day.

Why I Love the book: America is hard to describe but I think Rob made a good effort in this book. I loved it for the summary of history of America and the hard work of people who make up its states. The new laws coming from work in issues were also great to learn. The easy things that describe what America is like liberty , justice for all, pursuit of happiness make this book special because they are described in detail as are harder ideas like Free Enterprise, Creative Spirit, Honor, Diversity, Education for all, Hard Work, Courage, Hardship, Pioneer Spirit, Rule of Law, Legal rights, and Equality.

Whew! Why didn’t I stop with just two?

And most of all I love the book because I am an American and am proud to be one. And this book explains why.

My part in judging the PTA literature is over and boy was it ever fun. Those kids are really creative. I loved seeing what they came up with for Halloween. Something similar to Susanna’s Halloweensie Contest. Only on kids scale. I felt honored to be asked to judge them.

My Round Hill Group Writer’s Group is having their Holiday Sale for their books this Saturday and I can’t wait! I get to be around all my writer friends and also sell my books! YaY! I wish you all could be there.  Maybe someday, right?

And here is a Children’s Book Insider free gift you can send to your favorite teacher and even ask her to share. It is called Teacher to Teacher and is like a conversation of good info about writing for children from educators who already do.

See you all on Tuesday!


RHWG Holiday Book Sale

RHWG Holiday Book Sale



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8 Responses to This is America – #PPBF

  1. What a lovely share. I really like this book!

  2. From the illustration on the front cover, I can tell this is going to be a lively and fun book to read. Yup! I’m adding it to my library list for today. Thank you for sharing this book.

  3. Oh, thank-you! Great pick. My mom-in-law works with people working on their naturalization process. It’s awesome work! Happy Veterans’ Day.

    • Hi Joanne!

      I work with ESOL and my student is now on the list to get her naturalization soon. We worked on it all last winter, going over the history, going over the interview questions. It was great fun. I can’t wait till her time for the test is here. I want this new American in the States! 🙂

  4. Joanna says:

    What a privilege to be a judge for this competition, Clar. This books sounds like it lends itself well to discussion.

    • Hi Joanna!

      The judging was for the PTA and was for their own writing and art. I hope it was clear that this book was not part of the judging.

      Th is book was writen by an Adult named Rob. And is published. Not what I read to judge with a rubric at all. lol

      But this book is a great vetrans day book and full of great American ideas. 🙂

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